provocative art

a collection of sensual paintings, drawings and mosaics by artist Mark Roberts

Mark Anthony Roberts was born in Birmingham, England in 1960. Son to Philip a Toolmaker and Ann a Dressmaker, Mark was the second of four children. From an early age Mark was at home drawing and painting at every opportunity, often on the backs of off-cuts of wallpaper left over from his parent's home decorating, cartridge paper was a luxury back in the 1960's!

Having excelled at Art in his formative years, the teachers of his junior school were quick to recognise his early talent and Mark won the Canterbury Cross Art Prize three years consecutively. As a result it was proposed to his parents that he sit an art exam to test his suitability to attend the Moseley School of Art which was limited to just 60 places per year.

At the age of eleven Mark was sent off with hundreds of other hopefuls to undertake the art exam. This formed 2 parts, firstly to test his drawing skills by drawing from a still life consisting of a glove and a branch of holly, and secondly to paint a poster around the theme of road safety. "I recall during the lunch break taking a walk around to see what all the other kids had produced, I felt fairly comfortable that mine was up there in the top one". His confidence was not to be disappointed and Mark spent his secondary education at The Moseley Road School of Art. During this time he was one of the select few to have his artwork exhibited at The Royal Society of Artists in Birmingham.

Leaving school at 19 following his A' Levels, he began a short career as a Graphic Designer before taking on a new direction within the retail industry. This eventually led to roles in store design and development for a number of blue chip High Street retailers.

Marks passion for drawing and painting continued and he would exhibit annually at the Whiteley's Gallery in London where he would sell original art covering a variety of subjects. "I would tend to paint pictures of subjects that interested me rather than have any commercial logic to a subject matter. I found after a time that it was my pictures of females that were most popular and it was for this reason that I have tended to settle upon this theme. One can never tire of seeing a beautiful woman. The interesting thing for me is that as many females would buy these paintings as men do, and I wanted to appeal to both".

Many of Marks commissions tend to come from women who just want to feel good about themselves and their sexuality. Often they will ask me to use a bit of artistic licence and leave out the odd wrinkle, add a bit to their boobs or take a bit off their waist line. It is often about enhancing their natural beauty. One client remarked that she wanted a painting to remind her husband of why he fell in love with her. "Art is subjective; its beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

As well as painting and drawing, Mark has migrated to glass mosaics. These stunning wall hangings are painstakingly crafted from thousands of handmade and hand cut glass tiles bonded to a timber panel. These works of art make a fantastic statement to adorn any wall or room. Specific pieces can be commissioned by contacting the artist on the contact page.

Mark is a member of the The Guild of Erotic Artists'. Since its conception in 2002, The Guild of Erotic Artists has grown in not just numbers but in stature. Already an international organisation, it is the largest erotic art organisation in the world.  With its base at Beaumont Hall Studios in St.Albans, it is the central hub of erotic and sensual art. The Studios themselves hold the biggest range of erotic art in the UK, and possibly the world with over 500 pieces of work by artists, photographers, sculptors, life-casters and models from all over.  A selection of Mark's paintings are exhibited at the studio. For more information about the guild, please visit

Mark now works and exhibits from his combined studio / gallery near Hinkley in Leicestershire. Viewings are strictly by appointment.

Mark is also a member of BAMM - 'The British Association of Modern Mosaics’. BAMM was founded in 1999 and exists to promote, encourage and support excellence in contemporary mosaic art and to raise public awareness of modern mosaic art through exhibitions, publications, events and related educational activities. BAMM is an energetic and enthusiastic membership organisation open to all those interested in contemporary mosaic art, whether you are an artist, a collector, student or enthusiast. For more information on BAMM, please visit

You can find more of Mark’s artwork on the Saatchi Online Gallery which is located here: Mark’s Saatchi Gallery